My contributions to the world, in chronological order, reversed.



  • May. Co-organizer and DJ at Printemps 4 Temps event, where 3 dance competitions were organized.
  • January. Started a notebook using Spotify API to help DJs automatically sort musics for dance evenings (alternate slow and fast music, start with popular songs, etc.)





  • December. Developed a website for Les Journées Synergiques project, handling student registration (GitHub + live).
  • October. Developed a website for Synergie organization, in Pelican with Python (GitHub).
  • September. Creation of Les Journées Synergiques, a Synergie project: a free introduction to digital science for secondary school student. There are three workshops every year, to be started in 2017, on:
    • Artifical Intelligence
    • Robotics
    • Video games


  • April. Started to share my pictures on Camera: Canon 600D, post-production software: Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • March. Founded Synergie, an organisation that aims to change the image of technical and scientific professions among young people. Synergie was created as a student non-profit association of EPITA, my computer engineering school, and was the first to address the low-rate feminization of the school.

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